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  • Antique Farm Tools

    Antique farm tools are purchased by antique collectors, but they are also purchased by people who want to add interesting and unique decorations to a home or business. Full Story »

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    Antique Farm Bells

    Antique farm bells are coveted by consumers seeking bells that have a rustic look and feel. Antique farm bells are also coveted by antique collectors or by those who are adding to their collection of farm antiques. Full Story »

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    The Value Of Antique Farm Tools

    The word "antique" conjures up many images and feelings to people. As an adjective, it can be defined as "of or belonging to the past; not modern." Full Story »

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    The Most Valuable Antique Farm Tools

    Life on the farm before the use of modern style machinery meant that farmers needed to use their muscles and a few basic tools to clear the land, plant the crops and bring in the harvest.   Full Story »

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Where To Find Antique Farm Hand Tools »

Collecting antique farm tools can be an interesting and rewarding way to learn about the early history regarding life on the frontier when farmers had to rely on muscle power to get the crop planted and then harvested.   Full Story »